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Renewable energy / Wind energy

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2008 July, 25

Swiss Adopt Aggressive Feed Law for Renewable Energy

Bern, Switzerland [RenewableEnergyWorld.com] In a surprising move, Switzerland has adopted one of the world's most aggressive systems of Advanced Renewable Tariffs. The Swiss, fam ... More... >>

2012 February, 13

Turbines and Health

IPPSO FACTO (Magazine of the Association of Power Producers of Ontario) November 2011, Volume 25, Number 5 When I became the acting medical officer of health for Chatham-Kent, little did I know that I would be swept headlong into controve ... More... >>

2007 March, 2

Wind power handbook

In 2001 Intersolarcenter in cooperation with OPET partners (ETSU and WREAN, England) prepared Handbook for small and medium wind power plants. Handbook, prepared by ETSU and WREAN, was accepted as basis for the handbook. This handbook you may ... More... >>

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