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Policy / Renewable energy

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2007 October, 25

undefined ... More... >>

2007 June, 10

Kazakhs Lean Towards Renewables Legislation

Kazakhstan could become the next country to pass legislation supporting the development of renewable energy after government ministries declared support for the development of a draft law. At a seminar held in the Kazakh parliament building on Marc ... More... >>

2006 June, 11

Commissioner Piebalgs Enhances Bilateral Energy Cooperation with Kazakhstan

The Commissioner started his official visit to Kazakhstan, a major oil and gas producer in Central Asia, today, in order to discuss the possibilities for enhancing energy cooperation between Kazakhstan and the EU. He is joined by representatives o ... More... >>

2006 June, 10

Fuelling our future: the European Commission sets out its vision for an Energy Strategy for Europe

Brussels, 8 March 2006 The basis for a European Energy Policy has been set out by the European Commission in a major new Green Paper, which invites comments on six specific priority areas, containing over 20 concrete suggestions for possible new ... More... >>

2005 November, 30

China: Renewable Energy Policy Set in Motion

by Hong Li Beijing, China A new law to encourage investment in renewable energy projects will take effect in China next January 1, 2006. The Chinese government is expected to provide a range of financial incentives for such projects, including ... More... >>

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