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2008 November, 30

Sustainable Energy Watch: Russia

In the absence of an energy chapter in Agenda 21, HELIO International has undertaken to assess and monitor the contribution of energy systems to an improved quality of life and to check the implementation of envi ... More... >>

2007 March, 2

Wind power handbook

In 2001 Intersolarcenter in cooperation with OPET partners (ETSU and WREAN, England) prepared Handbook for small and medium wind power plants. Handbook, prepared by ETSU and WREAN, was accepted as basis for the handbook. This handbook you may ... More... >>

2002 December, 2

Renewable Energy Handbook

Renewable energy illustrated dictionary-handbook This project was implemented within framework of OPET-CIS project in 2001-2002. Result of this activity was preparation of electronic version of 9 chapters of Rnewable Energy Dictionary-Handb ... More... >>

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